Winter 2014
Plead Please
Le Print Cest Chic
Boho Love
Boho Love II
Hot Mini
Fur Accent
Body Con
Matelasse Forever
Fashion Films Winter 2014
Summer 2014
Laced Beauty
Flowered Up
Zebra Ferry
Ethnic Love
Skirty Flirty
Lovely Pearls
Night Out
Summer Polaroids
Fashion Films Summer 2014
Winter 2013
A Hint of Yellow
Stripe Season
Baroque Glam
I Love Gossip
The Blues
Rockin' Good Way
Parka La Glam
Jeans Chic
Fringed Love
Fashion Films Winter 2013
Summer 2013
Flirty Dresses
Beach Fun
Pool Party
Ocean Dreams
Flirty Fringes
Pretty In Pink
Jungle Fever
Candy Colors
Yellow Gold
Neon Brights
Making Of
Winter 2012
Day Sparkle, Brilho Diurno
Rock Glam and Arm Party
Pleats Please
Country Chic
Velvet and Cuffs
Royal Blues
Leather Goods
Date Night Lace
Gold Rush
Shining Star
Making Of
Summer 2012
Making Of
Winter 2011
Making Of